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Diversity, original recipes, unforgettable products, starting with pizza, burgers, soft drinks, coffee and sweets. Fresh pizza, fresh products, every day. And yes, from now on the pizzeria is open, at normal hours, from 10:00 to 22:00. Welcome to Dragus Pizza!
Our pizza is exquisite! You don't have to believe us. Try it! Taste the authentic and original recipes, who are waiting for you in Dragus. You are invited, regardless of seasons, to eat the best pizza in Fagaras County.
Either you want to cool down a little or warm up a bit, at Dragus Pizza you'll always find a drink for your fine taste. From soft drinks, hot coffee, hot chocolate, unfiltered beer and many more.
Reward yourself. Take some joy in life. If not for you, for your child. Or why not, for your inner child. Try the most tasty desserts, full of quality and authenticity. Guaranteed you will not regret it.
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• Today on our menu at Pizza Dragus
Pizza Capriciossa Prosciutto e Funghi Quattro Stagioni Pizza Napoletana Pizza Diavola Pizza Margherita
e Funghi
Dough, tomato juice,
mozzarella, ham, mushrooms,
salami, olives, pepper, maize
Dough, tomato juice,
mozzarella, ham,
Dough, tomato juice,
mozzarella, ham, mushrooms,
salami, olive, artichoke
Dough, liquid sour cream,
mozzarella, smoked cheese,
moldy cheese, parmesan
Dough, tomato juice,
mozzarella, spicy salami,
peperoncino, green olive
Dough, tomato juice,
mozzarella, oregano
• We are waiting for you in Dragus!
• Special offers every day!

If you are in Dragus, or if you have climbed the Fagaras mountains, it's almost mandatory to stop somewere to satisfy your hunger. Come to Dragus Pizza! We have fresh products, original pizza recipes, prepared with fresh, authentic and tasteful ingredients.

Eat, rest, relax. Dragus Pizza. Tasty, fresh pizza every day!


New and fresh! Starting this year, home delivery! We now bring you your favorite pizza, directly at your location.

Free of costs delivery in Sambata de Sus, Dragus, Vistea, Victoria. For large orders we can also deliver in other remote locations. Minimum order is 99 Lei.


Don't forget about our date from Wednesday! We got that special pizza baked especially for you! Pizza Andreas, one exquisite pizza!

With Pizza Andreas you can reach the pizza heavens. Get your special pizza now!


For those of you who love sweets, Pizza Dragus also offers pastries and desserts. Good-tasting products from the Fagaras county, directly to your plate.

Even if you are an adult or a child, we are ready to indulge you with one realy-realy sweet experience.

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